Todd James: World Domination Exhibition

From 6th March Lazarides Gallery presents World Domination, a solo exhibition by celebrated New York artist Todd James, who will present a selection of work in different media for his first solo show in London since 2008.

In a new collection of acrylic paintings, James continues his iconic Somali Pirate series. Often in headgear and masks, and brandishing secondhand AK-47s and RPGs, these pirates perform a range of quotidian activities: smoking cigarettes, drinking tea at sunset, preparing weapons, standing guard. Rendered in a vivid tropical palette, these works vibrate with goodnatured menace, and pointedly address David and Goliath themes of survival, justice, ingenuity, and ownership.

Lazarides Rathbone - 11 Rathbone Place - London - W1T 1HR
Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 7pm, admission free


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