Spraying Bricks - SHOWCASE - TIZERONE

SHOWCASE is the newest strain to be introduced to the Spraying Bricks channel. Many artists either approach or (more the case) are approached by galleries to exhibit their work. The hope is to sell every piece. Spraying Bricks is to explore the build up, preparation and opening night, showcasing that these talented artists are not just restricted to painting walls and trains but have alternative avenues in making it a career.

The first SHOWCASE is TIZERONE. We accompanied him on the Wednesday from his studio to PURE EVIL GALLERY where we help set up for the next day. TIZER seemed slightly nervous as this was his first solo show, however Charlie from PURE EVIL had every bit of confidence. The opening night writers and artists from all across the UK and some even as far as Iran turned up to support and admire the work of this modest artist. Get down there before it all goes!

The ever loveable character TIZERONE from the ID crew needs no introduction. A graffiti writer and illustrator from London, TIZER is somewhat of a veteran in the game ,with his career stretching across three decades. From the early days of half drunk track walking to rubbing shoulders with the likes of Bono TIZER has travelled the world with his skill-set and yet he is still one of the most humble artists you'll ever meet.

The show will be running at the PURE EVIL GALLERY, 108 LEONARD STREET, LONDON, EC2 4XS from the 7th - 30th March 2013.


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