Clumsy - Milo London Solo Exhibition

In ‘Clumsy’ we see the world through the eyes of a man with Asperger’s, with all of his bizarre manners and extraordinary sensibility.

In his work, Millo explores visions and dreams; the power of the ‘normal’ individual and how the order of arrangement of each life experience is ‘disturbed’. This is taken straight from his own life as a man with Asperger’s, symbolised through his drawings of ‘a lonely man moving around the world’.

“Clumsy is the story of a dreamer who has the right to indulge in solitude; far from frustration and a city's troubles where there is no escape from reality, no magic world to occupy, no fairyland and no ''beyond'' in which one can lose themself looking for a dose of peacefulness"
July 2nd – 9th, 2013
Hoxton Gallery - 9 Kingsland Road - London


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