Tony Lee Solo Show 'Leaving the World Behind' At Cult Mountain

Finally the waiting will be over, and  gallery Cult Mountain are bouncing off the walls with excitement! The super talented Illustrator, Animator and Screen-printer Tony Lee will be unveiling his latest body of work in an exclusive show at Cult Mountain.

His work conjures up feelings of transcendence, leaving the viewer with an alien yet strangely familiar feeling as the colourful images unravel into the depths of the subconscious mind.
'Transcending the world' was the idea behind my latest drawings - bizarre characters and anthropomorphic flowers collide in images reminiscent of religious or magical icons.

Tony is influenced by Ancient Mexican Art, African Masks and all manner of religious/tribal art that he balances with a contemporary interest in comics, animation, graffiti and street art.

6-11 pm, and a fully stocked bar to accompany the intergalactic journey.

Cult Mountain - 141 Bethnal Green Road - London - E2 7DG


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