James Jarvis 'Objects in Space'

James Jarvis' returns to Beach London for his second solo exhibition.'Objects in Space' will see a new body of original artworks by the London-based illustrator that feature his Sphere character at a number of iconic international skatespots.

The Sphere character, a loose and playful simplification of the vector-based characters for which Jarvis is known, features in the ongoing body of work 'Spheric Dialogues' - a daily comic strip in which the Sphere responds to a series of architectural, cultural and philosophical conundrums - 'Objects in Space' is a progression of this.

Sphere finds himself within real-life locations - an international selection of famous skateboard 'spots'; perhaps unaware of the perversion of architecture that normally takes place in these locations, Sphere, accompanied by other, rudimentary geometric shapes, perhaps uses his knowledge of architecture garnered during 'Spheric Dialogues' to create dynamic and unique uses of these iconic spaces of his own.

6-30th June 2013 - Private View June 6th 2013
BeachLondon - 20 Cheshire Street - London - E2 6EH


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