Announcing Viral Art - a new ebook

Coming later this month: A new ebook on street art, graffiti and the internet. Viral Art: How the internet has shaped street art and graffiti, is a new ebook by Vandalog editor-in-chief RJ Rushmore. Starting December 16th, the entirety of Viral Art will be available to read for free online at

From flick trading to zines to books to movies to the internet, Viral Art examines how the histories of street art and graffiti have been shaped by communication technologies and why the future of street art and graffiti may lie in digital interventions.

In researching for this project, RJ interviewed over 50 members of the street art and graffiti communities. In Viral Art, you'll find never-before-published interviews, quotes and anecdotes from Banksy, Shepard Fairey, KATSU, Poster Boy, Ron English, Martha Cooper and many more.

The cover of Viral Art is an animated GIF by General Howe, featuring artwork by Diego Bergia and Jay Edlin as well as photographs by RJ Rushmore and Martha Cooper.


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