BWGH for PUMA - Bluefield

David Obadia and Nelson Hassan founded French label Brooklyn We Go Hard back in 2010, however their love of PUMA dates back to their youth. For the first collaboration, the ever-popular R698 gets a unique makeover that combines BWGH’s Parisian style with PUMA’s rich heritage. A technical backpack, taken from the archives, is reworked to compliment BWGH’s sophisticated look while maintaining PUMA’s sport element.

For Obadia and Hassan, BWGH encompasses all things that define them. Obadia has an innate passion for art and fashion and has been exploring urban culture from an early age. His experiences translate into everything BWGH do. 

Obadia directed the creative process of the collaboration and in the design it is clear to see his obsession for intense and pure colours. Obadia takes inspiration from the American painter Mark Rothko, famous for his work in the Colorfield Painting movement. Rothko believed that colours were a true language and that is evidently imagined in the graduation of the deep blues for the BWGH x PUMA R698, which is aptly named Bluefield. 

The R698 is an ode to the harmony that emerges from the canvas of Rothko. The balance of the materials used pays tribute to both PUMA and BWGH, with signature elements of each brand incorporated. Suede, mesh and bouclĂ© knit flow amongst the tints of pure blue. The mottled laces highlight each carefully selected shade of blue. Obadia’s meticulous touch combined with PUMA’s aesthetic makes this partnership truly unique.

The BWGH x PUMA - Bluefield will be available from Hanon, End and Footpatrol from 7th December 2013


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