Jana&JS - Orticanoodles Print Releases

As the final releases for this year, Pretty Portal comes with a double release on the 12th of December. They will drop the latest stencil prints from Orticanoodles and Jana&Js, which come both in very low limited editions.

The editions will be availaible 12th of december at 4pm (CET) in their site here

Jana&JS — "Something good made me forget"
Edition of 12. 48x31 cm / 180 €
Stencil/ Spraypaint, acrylic and Indian ink on old music paper.
Each on is handpainted / -sprayed and on varying music paper

ORTICANOODLES - "Lust for life"
Edition of 15. 50x70 cm / 250 €
Stencil/ Spraypaint, Fedrigoni (220g/m)
Each on is handpainted / -sprayed with a different colour scheme, so each one is unique (these are 6 examples of 15)


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