Burning Candy —“A FIST FULL OF PAINT”

Tony’s is pleased to present “A FIST FULL OF PAINT", an exhibition by East London’s notorious Burning Candy (B.C.) crew.

The exhibition will centre on presenting the aftermath of a western style “showdown” using paint-filled fire extinguishers. Two B.C. members were let loose in a wild, head to head, battle using high pressured paint, and leaving behind the gestural process of their actions, as well as a filmed documentary, reflecting the bigger picture of the competitive, fun and extreme nature of the graffiti world. Tony’s will stage this performative and yet subversive encounter, turning what may at once be perceived as an act of vandalism into a playful comment on the art world and its systems of presentation.

The show will feature new works including paintings, drawings and limited-edition prints as well as an on-going screening of exclusive un-released footage from the B.C produced DOTS film. For this occasion, twenty limited edition box-sets including the four segments of the film to date, nine prints by the BC crew and a limited edition t-shirt by Mighty Mo will be made available!

Private View: Thursday 7 July 6-9pm
Friday 8 July – Sunday 21 August

TONY'S - 68 Sclater Street — London — E1 6HR


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