Da Mental Vaporz show video

Da Mental Vaporz

The end of May saw the opening of 'The DMV's' which reunited all nine members of the DMV Graffiti Crew for the first time in ten years  for an exclusive exhibition. Dran, Bom-K, Brusk, Sowat, Gris, Jaw, Blo, Kan and Iso were brought together at the GHP Gallery in Toulouse for this unique event. Over 2.000 people turned out for the opening party of the exhibition, which runs at the space until the 30th July 2011. Check out this great clip of the artists creating the work in the run up to the opening night as well as footage of what looked like a crazy opening night party.

London based photographer Butterfly was also at the show in Toulouse and she has posted her collection of photos from the show in this flickr set.

Da Mental Vaporz Show
Espace GHP
11 Descente de la Halle aux Poissons
31000 Toulouse, France

Image ©Butterfly


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