Moniker Projects — Gossip Well Told Group Exhibition

GOSSIP WELL TOLD will exhibit new and original artworks and installations by internationally recognised artists from a movement spawned through word of mouth, a movement that brought colour to the streets of the world’s most exciting cities and that spread like wildfire via the internet. This is a scene fueled by the artists and lovers of the art itself. It has received little support from the conventional British art establishments and is only now beginning to receive the wider attention and credit it deserves in the UK.

An Innovating, DIY mentality and not waiting to be invited is the philosophy that has built the scene and made it what it is today. GOSSIP WELL TOLD will bring to London the most progressive, talked-about work on the art wires right now and will offer a taste of what can be expected at this year’s 2011 edition of Moniker.

Featuring works from Alex Fakso, Ben Eine, Bob and Roberta Smith, Case, Candice Tripp, Cheryl Dunn, Dabs and Myla, Herakut, Joshua Petker, Luke Chueh, Nate Frizzell, Patrick Haines and Swoon.

Private View: Thursday 21 July. 18.00 to 22.00.
Exhibition on show: 22 – 26 July. 11.00 to 18.00 daily.

Blackall Studios — 73 Leonard Street — London — EC2A 4QS


Graham The Bruce said...

best show I've seen since upfest 11 and moniker 2010.... When do I get paid?

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