Boxi: Time Of The Signs Exhibition

BoxiLazarides Gallery is proud to bring to the walls of their Rathbone gallery the UKs first exhibition of hyperrealist painter, Boxi.

A master of stencil culture, Boxi creates boldly intuitive life size works that he exhibits on the streets and the white walls of galleries using meticulous cutting techniques and an extensive pallet of muted colours. Turning away from the traditional anarchist use of stencils with simple designs and spray paint, Boxi challenges the norm through boldly heightened realistic figures within their own urban landscapes. With fear and the manipulation of fear as the underlying theme, his art channels a deeply disturbing voyeuristic experience for the viewer playing with the spatiality of the environment and the oscillating perception of the image.

Boxi's use of the greyscale within his paintings, sculptures and meticulously detailed stenciled works consciously filter the gloss and spin of the present to a muted bass sense of now. Amidst all the doom and gloom there is a concealed light. The works are camouflaged in a romanticism that wouldn't exist were it not for failed dreams and flawed excuses.

Exhibition will run from the 29th July through the 1st September, 2011.
Lazarides Rathbone - 11 Rathbone Place - London - W1T 1HR


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