Dale Grimshaw ‘Semi-detached’ Exhibition

Dale Grimshaw discovered his artistic voice the day he realized that he was able to express strong emotions through his art. Maybe not much of a revelation on the surface, but for this artist it was a liberating experience, opening up a whole new realm of visual possibilities. Very few artists in the contemporary art scene, dominated as it is by conceptualism and irony, have the courage and ability to paint with such passion and directness.

For his next solo show at Signal Gallery, which is called ‘Semi-Detached’, the artist is again delving into psychologically intense areas of his own experience. Dominating his childhood was the figure of a violent father, who created a frequently unpredictable and very disturbed atmosphere for the family. Despite this, it was vital that at all costs the appearance of ‘normality’ had to be maintained. The new work explores these memories, uncovering the true sadness and even tragedy that can exist behind closed doors.

This will be the Dale’s fourth London solo show. He has also shown in a number of high profile group shows in London and across the UK alongside Shepard Fairey and Banksy: as well as in Paris, New York, Berlin, Denver, Philadelphia, Lille and Amsterdam. He has been featured in numerous art journals and the press, including Juxtaopoz, Modart, Mynameis and The Independent. Dale has also been building a very strong reputation with a series woodcut prints, which he pastes up on the streets. He has developed a huge following for this area of his work and each new piece is keenly anticipated. His intricate and beautiful works have been seen across London and as far a field as Brazil, Paris and Copenhagen.

The show opens with a private view 6th October 6th - 9pm
Signal Gallery - 32 Paul Street - London - EC2A 4LB


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