Graffiti Burners Book

A "burner" is a piece so distinctive that it burns all the other paintings surrounding it. Graffiti and street art is constantly developing, and there is a clear will among practitioners to constantly take the art form to new levels and refine their technique. The quest to surpass oneself and all takers has led to unexpected and astonishing results.

The book Graffiti Burners collects 145 of the world’s foremost writers. In addition to showing their best work from the past two years, around 70 of them talk about what a burner means to them, and share their tips on how to create one yourself. The book provides the reader with a unique opportunity to understand more about the dramatic development of the art form of graffiti in the last few years. Featuring burners by Azma (KCN), Cide (BTN), Jeks (CAS, THY), Mint (KCN), News (VIM), Nomad (OBS, BASF), Puppet (NOW) & ZZ Top (COS)

Graffiti Burners is available on Amazon and in book stores world wide.
Title: Graffiti Burners
Author: Björn Almqvist
ISBN: 9789185639427


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