Tee Wat Stencil Show — Graffik Gallery

T.wat Graffik Gallery is proud to announce the first solo show featuring “stenciler supremo” Tee Wat.

In his unique brand of Pop, Pap and Pulp Tee Wat has captured the hearts of many and those are all eagerly awaiting to see what’s next. Within his repertoire are portrayals of gangsters, multi-nationals, evolution, politics, religion, the class system and general Mickey taking in a stenciled bow of wry subversion. Despite his modesty, Tee Wat’s work has shone through with a piercing edge which means his stenciling onslaught can be considered some of the most interesting and sociologically lively work on the streets of London today. He can guarantee to brighten up the ever grim days with a smile, striking at the very heart of our society.

Utilising the streets and gallery walls as his canvas, this master of the stencil with his first solo exhibition, will find appeal from the most seasoned street arts connoisseur to the street art novice whose only experience with aerosols is a deodorant.

When: 15th Sep 2011 from 18:30 to 23:00  
Graffik Gallery - 284 Portobello Road - Notting Hill - London


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