K-Guy's Iconic Irrigation Exhibition

K-Guy, who world-famously installed the pseudo shrine 'In Loving Memory of the Boom Economy' outside The Bank of England in London’s financial district and an artist widely respected in the urban art scene, will be showing an exciting new collection of works fueled by his unique brand of wry humor.

Irrigation, K-Guy will give the double-sided disposition of numerous icons – from politicians, religious leaders, celebrities and corporate brands and even political and social systems – a bold public airing in his trademark intelligent, scandalous and thought-provoking manner.

In his first highly anticipated solo show, Iconic K-Guy’s work for this show will also enter new territory, by branching out into Pop Surrealism, a genre whose themes, colours and concepts he's been heavily influenced by. Block colour and bold lines are indicative of such, as are his use of familiar household brands. These works will include new large scale originals and unseen prints of his highly regarded 'Coke Moss' featuring Kate Moss and the iconic Coke Zero logo, as well as 'Primate Pontificate,' which features three wise monkeys and was created for the Pope’s most recent UK visit.

Iconic Irrigation will see K-Guy expand on his love of abandoned and discarded street detritus with new 2D workings. Visitors can also expect a new installation which will "cock a snook" at the beguiling nature of food labelling. Summing it up perfectly he says:

“My first solo show will celebrate the facile nature of brands and celebrity culture in a tabloid world of unquenchable thirst for consumerism to its perfunctory rejection and abandonment. Such is the nature of our illusory culture.”

Open to the public from Friday 11th November until Sunday 27 November 12am-8pm daily
Please Note: Private View is on Thursday 10/11/11 6:30pm-10pm and is strictly by invitation only. Please send names to guestlist@londonwestbank.com.

West Bank - 141 Westbourne Grove - London W11 2RS


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