Play Type - The Art Of Typography

What better way to share a love for typography than to bring a collection of designers, typographers and illustrators together to share their work? The Book Club is hosting such an event, called 'Play-Type'. The show, which launched February 20th, has brought a diverse range of talents together, all with typographical work specifically created for the event.

A typography exhibition work by Charles Williams, Andre Beato, Tiago Pinto, Koby Barhad and Zohar Koren showcasing new and recent works exploring ideas around observation, orientation and perspective, all artists been selected by the curator of the book club Liat Chen, the artists are defining design such as beauty, intelligence, repetition, symbol, and humor.

Exhibiton opens 20th February.
The Book Club - 100 Leonard Street - London - EC2A 4RH


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