Walls with Wounds by Dale vN Marshall

Artists’ workspaces have inspired their inhabitants for centuries, but for rising star of the fine art world Dale vN Marshall, whose landmark solo exhibition Walls With Wounds opens at Coventry’s Herbert Art Gallery & Museum on 15 February 2014, the crumbling walls of his former Victorian workhouse studio have not only inspired but become intrinsic parts of his multi-media works.

Marshall, a graduate of Coventry University Fine Art degree who also studied Graduate Abstract Painting at CSULB, one of California's finest art schools, has enjoyed success in the UK and America, and is bringing his work back to Coventry for a landmark UK solo exhibition.

Originally a graffiti artist spray-painting the walls of Bristol under the tag ‘Vermin’, Marshall was sectioned in 1999 in one of Britain’s oldest asylums, St Lawrence’s Hospital in Cornwall.

Walls with Wounds draws inspiration not only from graffiti and Marshall’s time at St Lawrence’s, but also from his studio, a former Victorian workhouse in North Wales, its decaying walls inscribed by children over 100 years ago.

The exhibition is supported by Arts Council England, DASH – Disability Arts In Shropshire through the IN Project. There are a series of artist- lead events linked to this exhibition including an In Conversation on 20th March and two Workshops on 5th April and 10th May featuring Dale vN Marshall and his wife Georgette. Tickets for all of these events are available at www.theherbert.org

Exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry
Saturday 15th February to Sunday 18th May 2014


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