Test Space Presents: Nick JS Thompson

Test Space are very pleased to be hosting the first solo show by Nick JS Thompson at their space at C/159 in Camden.

Nick is a London based documentary photographer who has worked extensively in South East Asia since 2008. His passion in documenting his surroundings started when he was involved in the local London BMX subculture.

It is the interest in capturing community that has remained the key interest for Nick and through his journeys in South East Asia he has come across distinctive communities that have had a profound impact on him.

For this exhibition Nick will be showing work from his Phoumi series. Phoumi (meaning village in Khmer) is an extended project documenting the communities that live in floating villages on the Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia. Inhabited by a mixture of Vietnamese and Khmer fishing communities, they travel up and down the lake depending on the seasons and rainfall. The villages face a serious ongoing problem of access to clean and safe drinking water. The overpowering feelings created by the colour grey are used heavily in this collection to emphasise the economic disparity and hardships that people face. Whilst allowing injections of the vivid colours usually associated with Cambodia to highlight the strong sense of family and community that living in this situation creates.

Opening night 27th February 6pm Onwards
Exhibition is open daily until the 5th March.
C/159 Camden High Street, London, NW1 7JY


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