CARTRAIN: This Way Up Solo Show

Notorious offender of all things art Cartrain returns with a provocative solo show THIS WAY UP. At age 20, Cartrain has been painting his iconic street art on the streets of London since he was 14. His artwork is collected by everyone from the rich & famous to the police officers and judges. In 2008 Damien Hirst attempted to prosecute Cartrain for creating a series of artworks that "infringed" Hirst's copyright. In 2009 Cartrain responded by "borrowing" a packet of pencils from Hirst's "Pharmacy" installation at Tate Britain. Cartrain was later arrested for theft valuing £500,000. His satirical images have been parodied by Royal Mail and influential artists including Mr Brainwash, Gilbert and George, Jamie Reid, and James Cauty. In 2012 Cartrain walked into the House's of Parliament and smoked a spliff during Prime Ministers Questions.

From the east London streets to the markets of Portobello Road Cartrain has left his mark on the city of London. This Way Up is a glimpse into the insights of an urban art legend. Pop culture, conceptual guerrilla performance, and collage based urban memes all play a part in Cartrain's palette. You never know what you expect when Cartrain's is involved.

Open 17th May - 30th May
Graffik Gallery - 284 Portobello Road - London - W10 5TE


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