Elinor Evans solo show 'Picasso's Pack'

It is only fitting that Elinor Evans’ muse should be her loyal Dalmatian Picasso. He has appeared in many of her works over the years, his benign presence seemingly a calming force in the compositions. In her new solo show at Signal Gallery, she has taken this a step further and developed a distinctly canine theme and called the show Picasso’s Pack.

Since her student days at The Royal College of Art, Elinor has made a point of covering the faces of her human figures with mysterious animal masks. The identity and expressions of these characters are always concealed, leaving us with a distinctly sinister impression of their intensions. In the new show, Picasso’s Pack, all the masks are made by the artist herself and all are of wolves or jackals.

Elinor has shown extensively in London, in her native Wales and in Spain where she now lives. Her work is to be found in the collections of a number of important collectors. She has won a number of prestigious awards, including Fine Art Award at the National Eisteddfod in Wales. This will be her second solo show at Signal Gallery.

Date: 16th May - 7th June 2013
Private View 16th May 6 - 9pm  
Signal Gallery- 32 Paul Street - London EC2A 4LB


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