Pipe Dreams - Jo Peel 2013

This animation follows the journey of a piece of paper which was scrumpled up and thrown away. As this paper falls, it becomes a small part of the many other neglected ideas and the debris piles up. This story follows the paper and the abandoned idea.

The largest mural in the UK to be painted by an individual artist, the animation was made using a 5 story building, a shipping container and a double decker bus as a canvas. During the coldest March in 50 years, Jo Peel and her dedicated team spent one month battling snow blizzards and icy winds to paint and record the animation frame by frame and create a 3 minute film.

Animation & Direction: Jo Peel
Producer: Jo Peel & Alternative London Production
Manager: Jonathan Robson
Camera Operators: Jade Brassett, Sanne Winderickx, Adam McGee Abe
Art Assistants: Jade Brassett, Tamara Venn, Sam McClean, Darius Bielecki, Lara Hamadi


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