Pahnl 'Do Look Down' Exhibition

Do Look Down is street artist Pahnl’s debut solo show at London West Bank Gallery and is open from Thursday 6th June to 12th June. Immerse yourself in the tiny, detailed world of Pahnl. Comic narrative and street signage aesthetics brought together through stencil art, encapsulating the world we live in with endearing pessimism and cheeky wit.

Before the show opens, Pahnl will spend four days locked inside London West Bank Gallery with a suitcase full of stencils and plenty of spray paint to bring a sprawling stenciled city to life across 40 metres of wall on the ground floor. The painted city, known as ‘Lowdown’, will be packed with detailed life that will keep you discovering new scenes even on your third lap of the show!

Every visitor will also be given a free copy of ‘The Lowdown Times’, a twelve-page newspaper created by Pahnl. Full of stories and articles about the city, it will help the visitor discover and understand the hidden lives of the inhabitants living in ‘Lowdown‘. The first 50 visitors to the private view will receive a limited edition stenciled and signed copy of the newspaper.

Private View will be 6-10pm on Thursday 6th June 2013
Please Note: Private View is strictly by invitation only.
RSVP is ESSENTIAL Please send names to
Show open to public thereafter until Wednesday 12th June 2013
(Gallery open daily 11am-7pm).

London West Bank Gallery, 133-137 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RS


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