'It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Hurt' By The London Police

 'The London Police,' are back in East London for their first solo art show in England since 2009.

This time around, the Amsterdam based lads have themed their show around sports and games... And although they have totally mistimed their sterling effort of jumping on the Olympic bandwagon, the Essex born duo have produced a slick show of considered artworks and designer sport products.

For inspiration, TLP have leaned on the memories of their athletic exploits growing up: The times when a pool cue was for the pursuit of sporting excellence not for finding someone who owed you money and whacking them around the face. The days when a cricket bat was for hitting sixes into Mrs. Norrington's back garden before you smacked a ball through your mum's greenhouse, blamed it on your brother, and had to wait for Dad to come home to give you both a couple of wallops with a rolled up Daily Mail...Aaaaah, sport. Memories.

Alongside canvas originals, TLP has produced an exclusive range of limited edition, designer pool cues and hand drawn cricket bats. The games theme continues with a unique painted vintage Monopoly board and photography from TLP's city-wide Monopoly Street Art installations in London. Attendees at the private view will also have a chance to try their hand at a lucky dip and win prizes by competing on a handmade, wooden, ball-bearing maze game. Four of these very limited edition games will also be for sale. After a serious injury involving a finger and a wood saw, production of these maze games (and the aforesaid mentioned finger) were 'cut short' so to speak...as they say, It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt...

Private View 9th May 2013.
The show runs until the 26th May 2013.

StolenSpace Gallery The Old Truman Brewery 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL


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