olive47′s bonita bonita exhbition At Breeze Block Gallery

One time London resident and friend of Invisiblemadevisible, American artist olive47 has sent over some images from her solo show Bonita Bonita currently on show at the Breeze Block Gallery in Portland.

The title bonita bonita is taken from the catcall olive47 would hear from the local men and the also the compliments heard from the local ladies about her work when painting a series of murals in Mexico earlier this year.  

"bonita bonita is a visual Garden of Eden, a place of beauty within a world of turmoil. Drawing on the power of myth for a significant element of its subject matter, bonita bonita applies symbolism and a visual discourse of spirituality in its presentation of a collective narrative of nature and morality in an environment where temptation is ever present."

  If you are in the Portland area the exhibition runs until the 1st June 2013.


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