The Vice Illustration Show at Pure Evil Gallery

You know how Vice sometimes accompany their articles with pictures people have drawn rather than photographs? Those pictures have a technical name that you probably won't have heard before unless you went to some pompous Viennese art school: illustrations.

Vice Magazine like illustrations because you can do all sorts of things with them that you can't do with a photo, like have chipmunks blast Ted Nugent with semen or catch Alex Salmond riding shotgun with a murderous Mel Gibson. And because they like them so much they're holding an exhibition of work from some of their favourite illustrators.

The exhibition is going to include a selection of new prints, work that's been featured in VICE and original drawings especially for the show, which are designed to give an insight into how the people who do drawings for us go about doing their drawings. Those people are (deep breath) Johnny Ryan, Daniel David Freeman, Kyle Platts, Cei Willis, Nick Gazin, Craig Questions, Jonny Negron, Sam Taylor, Malin Bergstrom and Krent Able.

Show opens 17/05/13 - 02/06/13
Pure Evil Gallery - 108 Leonard Street - EC2A 4XS London


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